Hello dear readers ,

I’m happy to provide you the collection of my past classes which includes interesting games and quizzes based on a variety of vocabulary ideas comprising of American idioms and polite slang words to general English idioms  based on British English which may be highly helpful for the TOEFL and IELTS students around the world . At present  I’m giving classes on Edupunk Channel’s organizational account on wiziq.com and not on my own account .You may get the tutorials of the classes on my profile .Click here to get them .You can get my recorded classes on Edupunk Channel by clicking HERE 

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Balqis. I like the style of your new blog. Please consider a different background image as I can’t see/read the tabs for navigating.

    I also think that any blog but particularly WP blogs can be an LMS. It seems more intuitive than a wiki like Moodle. I am also interested in trying to ge my Linoit bulletin board embedded in some pages. Have you tried embeds on WP yet? They seem to be very restrictive on plugins and other cool stuff. But, the price is right!


  2. Hi George ,
    I’m new to Word Press !Just one year old !.I have tried and failed embedding wiziq classes and many flash files here which were quite easily embedded by me to blogger sites !I’m experimenting .Thanks that you liked my blog and l will sure try a new theme

    • The free wordpress “dot com” site is extremely limited in functionality to keep it simple. You have few widgets with this site and no plug-ins. The new Edupunk site is on this too and I am learning some work-arounds but it will never have the flexibility as a self hosted site.

      • Google blogspot allows much more and you seem to like it. Why not stay with it? The only drawback is that China and possibly Iran block Google sites.

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