How to be a successful online educator

Time and time again we hear more news about online tutors  and academicians but have you ever wondered what qualifications and professional standards makeup this highly challenging and  competitive job ? Being an Online educator from the past three years, l have been online searching ,curating,learning and finding out the most comfortable niche to perch upon and to nestle .Among the most important things that one must have in store is faith .This also means that one must be able to work hard for the goals set . Nothing is given in this world to take it as granted ;we have to be accountable for the free time to our own inner sense .ln the beginning you might feel it uneasy to teach because the expected audience is not the cohort we could design completely but to a  certain degrees for sure..For this to happen ,you have to start believing in your  self .You must believe that you can do it.This plus a blessed amount of perseverance and blessings and a good knowledge in the subject matter-of-course will allow you to GET ON THE TRACK 

2 thoughts on “How to be a successful online educator

  1. Hmmmm I never knew that you had an intention to become an online teacher. For some reason I thought you were pursuing it as a hobby. Do you really intend to develop an online teaching business? If so I have a very important challenge for you to consider.

    • George,
      I’d rather be a visiting professor if l couldn’t accept your challenge.I have my students and they will never go off .My ways are different as l’d like to be an entrepreneur though l have passed online interviews of leading companies but couldn’t stand the submissiveness they demand ! Teaching is the best job after business ,and when these two unites in one it really has to face challenges as you said.That’s one side of the coin but the freedom it gives is really remarkable!….one of the reasons l had to choose this to my hefty profession at college !

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