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Mutton Achari is a rare north Indian delicacy mainly from U. P. Achari means Pickled. Here we not actually pickle the meat but use pickle masala instead of the usual curry masala. I haven’t followed the typical recipe but have twisted a little bit and made it by following my own instinct. So here is it….


Mutton 1 1.5 kgs, 3 bay leaves, onions 5 medium chopped, turmeric powder 2 tsp, chilli powder 2 tsp, coriander cumin seeds powder 2 tsp, garlic 10 tp 12 crushed n chopped, ginger garlic paste 2 tabsp, curds 4 tabsp, pickle masala 3 tabsp, garam masala 1 tasp, salt to taste, oil 4 tabsp, handful coriander leaves chopped and water 2 cups.

Pickle masala consist of: Mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and fennel seeds in equal amount (2 tsp each) coarsely crushed, then dried chillies (10 to 12) roughly powdered and asafetida powder (1…

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